Download the slides here, or with:

git clone

Follow along on the slides as the video runs:

Afterwards I realized how much still needed to be said on the topic, and how much I glossed over. I hope if you are interested you will try it yourself by following a tutorial or running an existing project.

If it was me, I'd start with:

Implementing a Neural Network from Scratch.

If that appealed, I'd continue on with the tutorials on that blog. If I wanted something with more breadth, I'd go to:

Deep Learning Tutorials.

If I wanted to learn machine learning from the ground up, I'd go here:

Stanford Machine Learning Course

UFLDL Tutorial: A Matlab/Octave, fairly math heavy tutorial.

For Deep Learning in depth, I'd go here:

Neural Networks and Deep Learning: a more in depth textbook.

A great community:

Machine Learning Subreddit

A good source of new datasets:

Datasets Subreddit